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New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) announce 2011 tour with BSB : New NKOTB  Tour Dates

It is definite that the NKOTB Tour will include BSB on the latest NKOTB tour dates. I guess we can say it’s been a long time coming since both a NKOTB tour and a BSB tour where some how anticipated. Tour dates for both NKOTB and BSB are poping up every where so be sure and try to see them live in on of their concerts. The NKOTB tour plans to be a big one so you should find time within the NKOTB tour schedule to catch one of the concerts. All NKOTB fans shoud bookmark this site because it’s a great source for NKOTB tour, NKOTB concert dates, NKOTB concert tickets, NKOTB concerts, NKOTB tour dates, NKOTB merchandise and more.
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NKOTB Releases First Group Photo in 15 Years

New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) Biography

After his success with New Edition, producer Maurice Starr decided to replicate the group, substituting suburban white kids for the young black teenagers. Early Picture of New Kids On The BlockThe result was New Kids on the Block, which quickly eclipsed the popularity of Starr's previous group. Comprising Boston-area singers Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, Jon Knight, Danny Wood, and Joe McIntyre, the New Kids were awkward and enthusiastic on their 1986 debut, which wasn't surprising considering that the oldest members were barely 16 years old.
With their next album, 1988's Hangin' Tough, the group's image had toughened up and they had the material to support it. From the saccharine ballad "I'll Be Loving You Forever" to the title track's stab at funk, the band had a seemingly endless streak of hits in 1988 and 1989; their Christmas album even went double platinum.
New Kid mania continued with 1990's Step by Step; even if it sold five million copies less than Hangin' Tough, it still sold three million copies.
But that was the end of the road for their short time in the sun -- they were the subject of an endless amount of jokes and were getting no respect. Besides, their audience was growing up. In 1994, they returned with the Starr-less Face the Music, which actually showed a remarkable musical maturity -- they were a credible urban R&B outfit -- but hardly sold anything, even if they were packing theaters on tour. In June of 1994, the band announced that it had acrimoniously parted ways and all of the members were now pursuing solo careers.
Written by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

New Kids On The Block - NKOTB Tour Dates

It’s Official! NKOTB is on tour with BSB.

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17 New Songs by New Kids On The Block
17 New Songs by New Kids On The Block
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“The Block”
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